Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation

  • Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

This 96,000-sq. ft. building includes laboratory spaces, a lecture theatre, classrooms, and study lounge/study spaces. We completed the mechanical design for the HVAC and plumbing for this precedent setting net-zero building. The team applied an integrated design approach to evaluate HVAC options. We worked closely with specialty consultants to evaluate an energy use budget in addition to the first cost. Our design incorporates heat recovery into each system dedicated to outdoor air, variable refrigerant flow, perimeter heating, and service hot water. The service hot water system provides short-term thermal storage and interconnects the solar thermal array with the building’s HVAC system through a ground-coupled condenser water system that facilitates the transfer of energy between these systems. The geothermal system is designed as a seasonal thermal storage system and serves the entire load of the building’s HVAC system. The project was designed and constructed on a short time frame to meet all the requirements of the available funding.

AWARDS: 2018 Rethinking The Future, Architecture, Construction & Design – Institutional

2018 Hamilton-Halton OSPE, Project of the Year, Sustainability

2018 Sustainable Project of the Year, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

2017 Canada Green Building Council Award, Innovation in Sustainability